Hello, my title is Indu.

My husband and I had been collectively for ten years earlier than getting married. I used to be in my early twenties after we met, working an unfulfilling job with a busy life. We had determined to get married once I had a greater job with extra stability and higher hours. And eventually, the time got here. We had purchased a home, and a yr later, we had been married. I had simply turned 30. After two years of marital bliss, we wished to start out attempting for a child.

I used to be 32; my husband was a couple of years older. Like many others, we started attempting and monitoring my ovulation based mostly on options from my physician. We tried diligently for 3 months, however no luck. I began seeing a naturopath, took a wide range of further nutritional vitamins. After about seven months, I went to my physician, who requested me to take some assessments. Primarily based on my stories, the physician knowledgeable me that I had PCOS. Because of this, I used to be dealing with problem in conceiving. After listening to this, I used to be devastated. My physician referred us to a fertility clinic. I’m attempting to remain optimistic and preserve hope alive, however inevitably I get the indicators that my interval is coming, after which it arrives.

Like Indu, many ladies are dealing with reproductive issues as a result of fashionable way of life habits and the surroundings. Unhealthy weight loss plan, lack of train, stress, smoking, extreme alcohol, and weight problems have the largest affect on fertility. So, by figuring out the underlying reason for the issue, you’ll be able to search the appropriate therapy so you’ll be able to conceive.

Let’s perceive the three widespread issues that may have an effect on a lady’s reproductive well being.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovary Illness (PCOD)
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovary Illness (PCOD) is a life-style dysfunction, and it’s common amongst ladies of the youthful era. In line with the newest statistics, in India, one in each 4 younger ladies is alleged to have PCOS or PCOD. 

    So, what’s PCOD or PCOS? It’s a dysfunction that has many elements with numerous signs. With PCOS, your ovaries produce extra male hormones than regular ranges. Because of this, cysts develop in your ovaries, interfering along with your means to conceive. The signs embody irregular facial and pores and skin development, baldness, pimples, weight acquire, and absence of menstrual cycle.

    Are the genes to be blamed? Probably not. The push to be good at the whole lot has made us neglect to eat proper, train, sleep properly, and have an excellent emotional steadiness. These result in metabolic imbalances that trigger insulin resistance and enhance the possibilities of diabetes and coronary heart illness.


     It’s a widespread downside for a lot of ladies. Endometriosis impacts your uterus, which is the place the newborn grows if you end up pregnant. So, when you will have this situation, the tissue that normally strains your uterus grows someplace else just like the ovaries, behind the uterus, and even in your bladder. The signs of endometriosis are excessive ache in your stomach, pelvic space, or decrease again and heavy intervals. In some instances, ladies shouldn’t have any signs till they realise they’re having problem conceiving.

    Uterine fibroids

    Uterine fibroids are noncancerous tumors in ladies of childbearing age. A fibroid is product of muscle cells and tissues that develop in and across the partitions of your uterus. There isn’t a actual recognized reason for uterine fibroids, however obese ladies are on the highest danger. The signs embody heavy, painful intervals, a sense of “fullness” in your decrease stomach, decrease again ache, ache throughout intercourse, and frequent urination. Uterine fibroids lead to infertility, early labour, or miscarriage in some ladies.

    So, what could be achieved?

    Ayurveda speaks of prevention and treatment via weight loss plan, way of life, and medication. Girls coping with reproductive issues have to eat a balanced weight loss plan with high-fibre meals that struggle insulin resistance. Additionally, lean protein sources should be included within the weight loss plan. One ought to keep away from meals with a excessive glycemic index and add many greens and fruits to your weight loss plan. Attempt to additionally swap to unrefined salt, sugar, flour, oil and eat good fat akin to ghee, mustard oil, seeds, sesame and cashew nuts. Furthermore, having sufficient water all through the day can be important. Together with that, you could preserve a correct sleep schedule, i.e., eight hours of sleep. Additionally, you could take the appropriate ladies’s well being complement.

    In the event you face any of the widespread issues that have an effect on your reproductive system, you should not neglect it. That is due to the affect it has not solely on the physique however the feelings as properly. 

    Maharishi Ayurveda’s  Restone – Greatest ayurvedic medication for ladies’s reproductive well being

    Restone is a balanced formulation of Rasayanas specifically suited to the psychology and physiology of a lady. It produces homeostasis and concord by stimulating the reproductive system specifically. Restone is a novel restorative and rejuvenator for women. It’s the finest ayurvedic medication for ladies’s well being.

    The guideline within the Restone formulation is to revive and preserve balanced psychological functioning, greater than any bodily immunity, and forestall illness and physiological imbalance. It incorporates Medhya Rasayana-nervine tonic, which improves psychological capabilities. Restone is apoptogenic and anti-stress. It helps sufferers adapt to worrying conditions and forestall emotional adjustments like nervousness, despair, and irritability.


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    Advantages of Restone

    • Regularizes menstrual cycle
    • It helps in temper swings
    • Relieves ache and cramps
    • Reduces stress and irritability brought on by hormonal imbalances
    • Gives important minerals

    In our modern-day life, weight problems, improper meals habits, and a sedentary way of life can result in hormonal imbalance and irregular intervals. If not taken care of on the proper time, it might result in infertility amongst ladies. Therefore, earlier than it is too late, it’s higher to deal with these situations. Take the very best ayurvedic medication for ladies’s health- Restone.