Dr. Smita Dixit | 28 June, 2022

Who can deny the significance of Girls’s well being and immunity for a wholesome society? Being uncovered to completely different social, organic and bodily circumstances, girls ignore their well being on account of household obligations, sedentary life types, stress on account of profession/ everyday actions and lack of expertise – all of those components have an effect on their well being & immunity.

As per Ayurveda good well being is outlined as “strategy that restores & balances Vata, Pitta & Kapha”. Vitiation of those doshas disturbs physique rhythm leads to illness and immunity related problems. Ayurvedic therapies supply immense advantages in gynaecological problems and higher immunity.

Ayuveda elaborates the sequential means of diet (Ahar Ras) that’s derived from the digested meals we eat. It’s achieved within the type of sequential step-wise movement ranging from utilization of nourishment by Dhatwagni for nourishment of various tissues of the physique specifically Ras dhatu, Rakta dhatu & so on. Throughout the course of when ahar ras after nourishing ras dhatu strikes to rakta dhatu Artav (Menstrual blood) & Stanya (breast milk) are fashioned as by merchandise. Artav strikes to uterus & will get eradicated throughout menstrual movement.

Effectively-nourished tissues supported by common train/ yoga, meditation (for psychological well being) and correct sleep will increase Ojas (Vitality, radiance & Vigour) that improves digestion, bodily power, temper, non secular inclination – resulting in enchancment of immunity within the Physique. The above movement chart reveals the connection of meals that we eat with the movement of diet within the physique and different life with the general well-being, well being and immunity.

Girls are extra weak to a wider vary of well being issues – which is exhibited within the type of modifications of their our bodies from menarche (starting of the menstrual cycle) to menopausal stage (ending part of the menstrual cycle) of their life. Throughout these levels of life feminine hormones play key position in emotional & physiological modifications. Ritu chakra (menstrual cycle) is taken into account to start on the primary day of a interval. The common cycle is 28 days lengthy,

phase of the menstrual cycle

Frequent Issues Confronted by Girls

A few of the widespread issues/ irregularities associated to Menstrual cycle or Gynaecological problems (Yonivyapad) which girls faces are:

  • Dysmenorrhea (kashtartava): Extreme painful cramps happen throughout menstruation. As per Ayurveda its Apana vayu which regulates the motion of menstruation which will get disturbed on account of some causative components leading to kasthartava.
  • Menorrhagia (Asrigdara): It’s menstrual intervals with abnormally heavy or lengthen bleeding resulting in backache, ache in decrease stomach & weak point. Asrigdar occurs on account of vitiation of Vata and Pitta doshas
  • Metrorrhagia (Rakta pradara): its irregular uterine bleeding between anticipated menstrual cycles is an indication of underlying problems on account of hormonal issues or issues with the uterus or different well being circumstances.
  • Premenstrual syndrome(PMS): Signs embody temper swings, tenderness in breast, fatigue, irritability melancholy
  • PCOS/PCOD: PCOS- hormonal imbalance in reproductive age girls the place ovaries fail to launch eggs recurrently and develop follicles/ cysts. Signs embody irregular or lengthen menstrual intervals, improve in male hormones, extreme hair progress, Zits, Weight acquire, thinning of hair. Ayurveda contemplate it as Kapha problems
  • ANAEMIA (Pandu Rog) – situation brought on by inadequate Crimson Blood Cells resulting in breathlessness, tiredness, weak point, frequent giddiness, lethargy, fatigue, complications.
  • DEPRESSION (avasd rog) – situation brought on by decreasing of particular person’s temper and lack of work together in any exercise resulting in low shallowness and low confidence ranges.
  • Feminine infertility (bandhyatava): not capable of get pregnant or having miscarriages. Elements for Infertility might embody ovarian components, tubal components, age-related components, uterine issues, PCOS, endometriosis and many others.
  • Menopause (Rajonivrutti): It’s a pure organic transition, which start between 45yrs -55yrs of age. It’s the absence of menopause for steady 12months, Signs consists of scorching flushes, vaginal discharge and dryness, temper swings, complications and many others. Throughout Rajonivrutti Vata dosha get aggravated resulting in imbalance of Vata pitta & Kapha dosha progressively resulting in dhatu shaya( decline in physique tissue lots)
  • Leucorrhoea (Shweta pradara): It’s as a result of imbalance of vaginal microflora, which ends up in the an infection results in thick whitish or yellowish discharge.
  • Urinary Tract An infection (UTI): an infection of any a part of urinary system inflicting pelvic ache, elevated urge of urination, ache throughout urination, blood in urine.

Well being ideas & product oriented recommendations and the way it works

Impression of Ahar Vihar Dincharya(Life-style)

Ayurveda has prescribed a well-planned each day routine (Din Charya) for reaching good well being and immunity

  • Rise early morning, clear your senses – eyes, ears, enamel & tounge; Evacuate bowel& bladder (can drink luke heat water to clear toxins out of your intestine), Common Vyayam (Train), Abhyang (oil therapeutic massage), bathing, meditation for psychological well being; eat gentle breakfast, comply with your work or examine.
  • Lunch ought to correct (in the best amount) suiting your physique wants and physique kind (prakriti) – because the digestive hearth is excessive throughout the day.
  • Dinner ought to be gentle adopted by a short stroll. Precept of “Early to mattress” is strongly beneficial – keep away from utilizing digital devices/ cell phones after dinner.

Throughout menstruation, the weight-reduction plan sample and therapy also needs to be adopted as per the Dosha affected:

Vata Dosha

Imbalance in Vata could cause anxiousness, disturbed sleep and constipation with occasional ache within the decrease again or round hip. To stability Vata, smooth heat meals with wholesome fat is beneficial. Spicy, bitter, chilly, dry meals and caffeine must be averted. Rice, wheat, well-cooked greens ought to be taken whereas candy fruits banana, grapes melons berries and many others. are good. Scorching water bottles (for the heating impact) must be used for any cramping.

Pitta Dosha

Throughout cycle pitta imbalance trigger heavy bleeding and a sense of warmth across the cycle. Temper swings, anger, irritability, sturdy cravings could be felt. Different issues embody swelling within the physique, headache, tenderness in breasts, zits and many others. To beat these points – pitta pacifying weight-reduction plan and life-style is beneficial Conscious practices like meditation can be good – chilly meals, scorching spicy bitter meals gadgets are forbidden. Milk, butter, ghee in reasonable amount are thought of good. Keep away from bitter curd/ cream/ cheese.

Kapha Dosha

Throughout cycle imbalance of kapha sufferers endure from excessive feeling of heaviness. Menstrual blood in such circumstances could also be heavier on account of extreme mucous formation. Such sufferers are vulnerable to yeast infections or extreme itching. Typically they expertise melancholy or emotional consuming. In Ayurveda a kapha pacifying weight-reduction plan is beneficial for your entire month – that primarily focuses on heat gentle meals consumption. Digestive spices could be added in meals however extra salt to be averted. To scale back kapha growing qualities in scorching milk with pinch of ginger/ turmeric provides good outcomes. Scale back nuts, keep away from extra of rice/ wheat alternatively barley / millet ought to be eaten as an alternative.


In line with Ayurveda well being isn’t freedom from illness but it surely’s a State of bodily, psychological & non secular stability, which could be achieved by taking applicable meals consumption, self-discipline, health regime and life-style as mentioned above. Ayurveda the holistic system of well being has been practiced since historic instances and its well being advantages are scientifically confirmed now utilizing rules of contemporary scientific trials. Ayurveda is extraordinarily efficient in providing “root trigger treatments” and “total well being advantages” to all – together with women health issues and boosting their immunity.

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