Sadabahar is often often known as Periwinkle and is definitely present in India. It’s a native plant of Madagascar and therefore acquired the widespread title ‘Madagascar Periwinkle.’ It belongs to the household Apocynaceae and is botanically termed as Catharanthus roseus.

It’s largely used as a decorative plant however not many people are conscious of the well being advantages of the leaves of this plant. Sadabahar leaves could not solely look enticing however have many hidden well being and medicinal advantages and at the moment are the principle focus of research in Ayurveda.

Sadabahar Plant: Attention-grabbing Details

Sadabahar plant is roughly 1-2.5 meters in height and will be simply cultivated. Sadabahar flowers are available two varieties:

  • Milky white in shade
  • Darkish-pinkish purple in shade

Sadabahar or Madagascar Periwinkle can be identified to be one of many biggest items of Africa to the world. A number of researchers together with Robert Nobel and Charles Beer on the College of Western Ontario, Canada found that the extracts of this plant have the flexibility to kill white blood cells in our physique.

Subsequently, their analysis gave rise to the novel anti-cancer properties discovered within the extracts. One other researcher named Gordon H. Svoboda labored on the Madagascar Periwinkle and located anti-diabetic properties within the extracts.

Chemical Composition of Sadabahar

The Pink Flower of Catharanthus (Sadabahar) constitutes primarily of – 

  • Linolenic acid ethyl ester (43.9 %)
  • Hexadecanoic acid (6.8 %)
  • Stearic acid (10.6 %)
  • Phytol (7.3 %) 
  • phytol (29.6 %) 
  • Linolenic acid 
  • Ethyl ester (14.0 %)
  • Limonene (34.1 %)

 The White Flower of Cathanranhus consitutes primarily of –

  • Geraniol (7.3 %) 
  • Citral (7.0 %)  
  • Limonene (23.2 %), 
  • Dodecyl alcohol (9.8 from the leaf, with limonene (37.2 %)
  • Dotriacontane (16.1%) 

It additionally consists of alkaloids similar to Vinblastine and Vincristine and chemical constituents similar to lochnerin, serpentine, ajmalicine, reserpine, catharanthine.

Well being Advantages of Sadabahar Leaves

Sadabahar leaves have many well being advantages and are utilized in Ayurveda. They’re simply obtainable and might treatment many issues or a minimum of have the potential to take action.

Under I’ll be explaining just a few astounding well being advantages of Sadabahar leaves:

1) Controls Blood Stress and Hypertension

We’re all uncovered to the rat race the place stress and managing stress has clearly turn out to be a tedious activity for a lot of. Stress is the precursor to many underlying points similar to hypertension which progressively advances to diabetes and cardiac issues.

You may lower blood pressure with Sadabahar leaves because it acts as an anti-hypertensive agent which helps in sustaining blood stress ranges. It normalizes hypertension ranges and augments the cardiovascular functioning of our physique. The extracts of Sadabahar leaves and flowers are used as a cardiotonic and might treatment delicate to average hypertensive situations.

2) Improved Mind Perform

The extract of Sadabahar leaves and flowers not solely acts as a cardiotonic but in addition is a mind tonic. The extract brings about calmness, alertness, focus, consideration, and will increase psychological productiveness. It amplifies mind metabolism and improves considering means. The extract additionally wards off early getting old of the neurons (mind cells). It brings about elevated blood circulation which helps ease the strain within the mind.

3) Anti-Most cancers Properties

The anticancer alkaloids Vinblastine and Vincristine extracted from the leaf of sadabahar are utilized in most cancers remedy and present inhibitory results on the expansion of most cancers cells. The alkaloids are administered to treatment varied human tumors. The alkaloid Vinblastine has elevated the survival fee of Leukemia in youngsters from 10% to 95% whereas the alkaloid Vincristine is used within the remedy of Hodgkin’s disease, a sort of blood most cancers.

Medical Miracle

That is the story of little Angela who survived childhood Leukemia which was a deadly type of most cancers till latest instances. Angela was prescribed a particular drug derived from periwinkle which included the alkaloid vinblastine. With out this drug, Angela wouldn’t have survived this dreadful illness and he or she and her household will all the time be grateful to the medical doctors. Angela’s stunning curly hair locks fell out and he or she remained weak, fragile however was decided to go to highschool. Her braveness impressed not solely her classmates but in addition the lecturers within the faculty and as a tribute to this little woman’s spirit, her classmates went bald to assist her and struggle this illness collectively.

4) Anti-Diabetic Properties

The aqueous answer of Sadabahar leaves is useful in reducing blood glucose ranges within the physique. The extract exhibits hypoglycaemic properties that stimulate the manufacturing of insulin within the beta cells of the pancreas. The beta cells are liable for the manufacturing of insulin, and the hormone insulin is required for the regulation of blood glucose ranges within the physique. 

Sadabahar leaves can be utilized within the following methods to decrease diabetes within the physique:

  1. Recent, dry Sadabahar leaves ought to be taken and made into powder. This powder should be saved in a glass container. Each morning after getting up, take one 1 tsp of this powder and blend it with water or recent fruit juice. This should be consumed on an empty abdomen.
  2. Take 2-3 Sadabahar leaves and chew them to stop a spike in glucose ranges within the physique.

5) Respiratory Misery

Sadabahar is understood to chill out respiratory issues like Bronchial asthma, chilly, cough, bronchitis, and so forth. It helps within the elimination of mucous deposits from the respiratory tract clearing the tract for simple respiratory. It gives aid from a sore throat, chest congestion, and chilly.

6) Pores and skin advantages

Aside from curing loads of different issues, Sadabahar has confirmed to enhance skin health and protects the pores and skin from UV harm. It additionally helps in curing varied different pores and skin issues like getting old, pigmentation, darkish circles, pimples, zits, and so forth.

You should utilize Sadabahar leaves as a face masks by mixing it with neem leaf powder, turmeric powder, and rose water. Apply it on the face and preserve it for a couple of minutes. Rinse utilizing chilly water to see the distinction.


Sadabahar has been established to be one of many most helpful crops which assist in curing innumerable issues. Its anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-aging properties have gained loads of recognition in Ayurveda and drugs.


Q1) What are the side-effects of Sadabahar leaves?

Ans) Sadabahar leaves should be consumed in a restricted quantity as extreme consumption can lead to constipation, extraordinarily low blood sugar ranges, and so forth. Don’t take greater than 3-4 leaves in a day.

Q2) How can we develop and handle the Sadabahar plant at residence?

Ans) Sadabahar crops will be simply grown at residence in well-drained soils. The perfect temperature for the expansion of the Sadabahar plant is about 65° F and above. The crops begin rooting in about 3-4 weeks.

Q3) What are the extra advantages of Sadabahar?

Ans) The lively constituents in Sadabahar additionally assist in curing chest pains, toothache, vaginal discharge, tonsillitis, and so forth.