[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Welcome to the Well being Detective Podcast. My title is Evan Transue, AKA Detective Ev. I might be your host for this present the place we might be analyzing 2 completely different HTMA checks. Right here is right this moment’s episode.

All proper. Good day there, Kim. Welcome to the Well being Detective Podcast. How are you?

[00:00:16] Kim Heintz: Hey, thanks a lot for having me. I’m doing good. How are you?

[00:00:19] Detective Ev: I’m doing nicely. So, we’ve got a particular circumstance right this moment. Usually, when you hearken to the present frequently, you realize, after we convey on FDN practitioners, we sometimes interview them for his or her story first. However as a result of I posted one thing in one in every of our teams, Kim was keen to assist me out right here and leap proper right into a lab evaluation podcast with me, which you guys have been loving. These are tremendous enjoyable.

Kim, we’ve really accomplished the HTMA earlier than, however the video didn’t work in any respect. We didn’t even have the video of the individual as a result of they got here on and recorded with a telephone. We love you, Barbara. Your episode did nice for audio, however we’d like somebody that may come on and present these folks these things on video, on our YouTube as nicely. We all know that folks wish to hear this and see this, however they weren’t capable of totally final time, so I feel we’re going to have an excellent time.

Kim was even cooler. She introduced on two completely different purchasers for us, two completely different patterns for the HTMA take a look at, which is hair, tissue, mineral evaluation, when you guys have no idea. It isn’t one of many FDN core labs. We don’t educate this in the principle course, however it’s one thing that folks actually get pleasure from studying about proper after graduating FDN.

Studying From HTMA Checks Gurus

We’re blessed to have Kendra Perry, who was not solely an FDN, she additionally was the director of the professionals’ group for FDN. She went on to create, I must think about, what is among the extra fashionable HTMA programs on the market within the business. She’s a complete knowledgeable. She is aware of what she’s speaking about.


We’re simply fortunate to have folks like her and such as you on this area that we are able to be taught from, even when we’ve by no means used the take a look at ourselves. I’m beginning to use it extra too. So, I’m enthusiastic about this and getting to listen to from you right this moment.

This time I’m going to share your entire display trigger I feel that’s what might need screwed me up final time. I’ll get this began right here. What we’re is an HTMA take a look at by Hint Parts. Final time, despite the fact that we couldn’t see it, we had been describing a special take a look at by a special lab.

Simply please know, most of them take a look at essentially for a similar factor. From my understanding, there’s some completely different markers on right here, which Kim, I’m positive you possibly can specify that for us when it’s related to take action. I’m really undecided what the variations can be as a result of I’ve at all times used the opposite one. However by way of the core markers, we’re trying on the similar factor.

If we have a look at the highest right here, we see that we’ve got an age 43, feminine. We don’t know anything about her. So, can we hear, to the diploma that you just’re capable of share these particulars, I perceive that it’s total non-public, however what was this girl going by when she got here to you? Why did she wish to do testing and Purposeful Diagnostic Diet sort of stuff?

FDNs Do Not Deal with Check Outcomes Paperwork

[00:02:34] Kim Heintz: That’s a very good query. She was feeling very infected. She was fatigued, however she additionally felt very revved up. She was having a whole lot of hassle simply form of regulating her power patterns all through the day. She had not too long ago explanted and felt like there was some correlation there with among the signs that she was experiencing. She acquired actually sick from her breast implants from having them for 17 years.

She wished to run the HTMA so we may check out her mineral patterns to see if there have been some methods to assist help her nervous system to see if there have been some heavy metals which will have been a part of her breast implants and issues like.

[00:03:11] Detective Ev: Okay. Thanks.


The explanation that is related is as a result of FDNs, out of the whole lot else, the core factor that makes us completely different is we don’t deal with the paperwork. We don’t have a look at these markers and simply routinely say, oh, that is excessive, or that is low. So, that is what this implies. We wish to know in regards to the individual and we’re clinically correlating the issues that we see on the checks to the person. In order that’s one thing that we’ll reference most likely a number of occasions as we undergo these lab outcomes collectively.

Now, the primary part right here, the dietary components, I’m recognizing this instantly, despite the fact that I’ve by no means used this particular take a look at. I’m seeing one thing similar to what we see on the entrance web page of the opposite one. We now have the calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. I’d assume that is all the identical no matter what take a look at you’re utilizing. These are the Massive 4 over right here, proper? That is the core issues that you just’re ?

HTMA Checks: Metabolic Kind Evaluation

[00:03:55] Kim Heintz: Yeah. After I get an HTMA again from the lab, the primary issues I at all times have a look at are the primary 4 minerals, which had been simply those you mentioned calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. I additionally check out the ratio between calcium and phosphorus. That truly tells us what sort of sample someone has.

If you happen to see within the higher right-hand nook, it says FAST 1 of this take a look at. That’s as a result of her calcium/phosphorus ratio, which means her calcium variety of 31 divided by phosphorus is under 2.6. And that places someone into a quick oxidation state. These are the primary two issues that I at all times check out.

Anyone who has a sample like this shopper the place she’s acquired the decrease calcium and magnesium, after which she has the sodium and potassium being elevated and the midline is actually the midline proper there on the take a look at for every a type of minerals, that’s a basic quick oxidation sample.


Individuals who have a quick oxidation price, as Evan simply mentioned, we wish to correlate with the individual. So, someone who has a quick oxidation state, which means that decrease calcium/magnesium profile, the elevated sodium/potassium profile, after which that quick oxidation, calcium divided by phosphorus, they are typically extra anxious. They are typically form of Kind A personalities. They really feel wired and drained, irritable. They’ll have like a racing thoughts typically, cope with panic assaults, blood sugar points, quick tempered typically. And in long term, particularly as a result of that calcium is low, they will cope with issues like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and issues like that.

HTMA Checks: Does the Metabolic Kind Shift?

[00:05:26] Detective Ev: One factor I’m interested by. The one different occasions that I’ve actually heard the entire metabolic typing factor is in fact with the Metabolic Typing Weight loss program. That’s the place I’ve heard it earlier than. I’ve at all times been labeled a combined oxidizer on that, which I consider. However what’s attention-grabbing is once I lastly ran an HTMA, solely about barely a 12 months in the past, perhaps really rather less, I got here up as a gradual oxidizer on the time.

Now I ran it as a result of I felt as if I used to be form of operating myself into the bottom. I used to be questioning if I used to be depleted. It’s not that I don’t know the well being stuff, I knew what I used to be doing. However I really like my work and typically it does catch as much as me somewhat bit, proper? I’m partaking with it somewhat an excessive amount of. I used to be simply questioning if I may course right in order that I may end out the 12 months sturdy.

The 12 months for me is the varsity 12 months, proper? As soon as June comes round, that is golden. You realize, I do some podcasting, however I can actually take a while off and truly chill. However I’m like, how can I get by this? What can I do? And I used to be stunned to see the gradual oxidizer factor. As a result of while you hear about gradual oxidizers, I don’t actually meet the stereotype of it. In reality, what you simply described, except the osteoporosis and stuff, I’d’ve met each single a type of signs as a child.


So, after we’re speaking in regards to the metabolic sort, not less than from this take a look at’s perspective, how does that shift all through time? Can it shift? Is it imagined to shift?

HTMA Checks: Shifting Metabolic Kind Again & Forth

[00:06:35] Kim Heintz: Yeah, it positively does.

I used to be a gradual oxidizer once I began operating these labs on myself. And I’d say like 70% to 80% of individuals are typically gradual oxidizers, particularly adults, simply because over time stress, issues form of decelerate somewhat bit. However I’m now a quick oxidizer.

You’ll be able to shift your self from a gradual oxidation state to a quick oxidation. Individuals could be quick oxidizers and over time shift into gradual oxidation. Youngsters are typically, by default, they are typically quick oxidizers. Nonetheless, I’ve run these checks on children and have discovered that a few of them do are typically extra within the gradual oxidation price.


However yeah, you possibly can bounce backwards and forwards. The purpose is to get as balanced as potential, proper? So, you possibly can form of shift backwards and forwards. It could actually actually rely upon how a lot you’re supporting your physique, how a lot stress you’re coping with, and issues like that.

[00:07:25] Detective Ev: Okay. I feel that is clear, however I ought to have specified it somewhat extra at first. I’m nonetheless an newbie on HTMA, by no means accomplished any formal coaching. I’m studying from FDNs. I’ve ran them myself for enjoyable, so I’ve lots to be taught.

After we are sodium and potassium on the take a look at, actually this stuff are excessive. Are these markers that there’s virtually like an inverse relationship, that it really implies that it’s low or am I misunderstanding that?

HTMA Checks: Elevated Sodium and the Stress Piece

[00:07:47] Kim Heintz: It positively can, and we are able to correlate with how someone’s feeling and issues like that.


More often than not elevated sodium on this take a look at does really imply irritation within the physique. After we see someone’s sodium marker elevated, they’re coping with plenty of stress. It could possibly be intestine pathogens; it could possibly be metals. And as you possibly can see over there on the right-hand aspect within the pink part, she does have some elevated arsenic and mercury and a few aluminum. Nevertheless it is also different intestine infections.

After we see an elevated sodium marker, what we wish to do is, one, we actually wish to assist help the nervous system. And two, we wish to see the place the sources of irritation are. She got here to me feeling infected. So, seeing an elevated sodium marker on this take a look at, positively correlated with how she was feeling.

[00:08:35] Detective Ev: Okay. And for these on audio solely, I ought to have mentioned this as nicely. Her sodium, this shopper is as excessive as it may be, principally. It’s on the very, very higher finish of the chart right here. What’s it that connects excessive sodium with irritation? Why does that occur?

[00:08:50] Kim Heintz: It simply drives it up. Sodium will get pushed up by metals, stress, anger, issues like that. It could actually elevate sodium within the physique. However simply principally signifies the stress response is vastly elevated.

It doesn’t essentially imply that they’re taking in an excessive amount of sodium. Typically we nonetheless wish to like, be sure that they’re getting sufficient sodium into their food regimen. We don’t essentially prefer to complement with that, however ensuring that they’re nonetheless getting some sodium, you realize, placing Celtic Sea salt on their meals and issues like that.

HTMA Checks: First 4, Massive 4, First Stage Minerals

[00:09:17] Detective Ev: Cool. Now I at all times know these to be the Massive 4. I simply counted and it appears to be like like there’s one other 11 markers on this Dietary Component part.

I’ve heard prior to now they usually specified to me that they had been oversimplifying it as a result of typically there may be sure issues that you’d do about these markers. However typically talking, if there are even considerably inside vary, as from my understanding, it seems when you get the opposite 4, just like the Massive 4 below management, the others ought to form of degree out themselves. Is that the case and understanding on this specific shopper’s outcomes? Like, are you simply form of letting them go as they are going to, or do you must do one thing particular for these?

And for these listening on audio I imply the whole lot technically outta these different 11 markers is throughout the reference vary. It’s just a few are larger, some are decrease. So, what will we do about that?


[00:10:02] Kim Heintz: Yeah, that’s a very good query. After we have a look at the entire minerals on this Dietary Parts part, we prioritize them. The primary 4 are first degree minerals. Identical to you mentioned, getting these in stability, they’re the large levers that management the whole lot else. So, if we are able to get these in stability, a whole lot of occasions we’ll see the second degree minerals, which be issues like copper, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, boron, lithium, we’ll see a few of these begin to stability out. Then similar factor with the third degree minerals, that are all the remainder of them. They’re at a a lot decrease quantity.

HTMA Checks: Occasional Assist for that Core Aim

Typically we do complement with a few of them. Minerals are a system. We don’t sometimes attempt to spot deal with minerals as a result of to be able to take in magnesium you want issues like boron. That’s why we take a look at boron. Although boron is a second degree mineral, I, a whole lot of occasions, will nonetheless embody somewhat little bit of elemental boron in a protocol as a result of it’s going to assist someone enhance their magnesium ranges.


The core purpose is to get these first 4 minerals in stability. However typically we have to have some help from among the different minerals to make that occur.

[00:10:58] Detective Ev: Cool. The final query I’ve about this part then at this second is these electrolyte dietary supplements that we see in the marketplace.

Pay attention, once I’ve used electrolyte dietary supplements, typically talking, they’ve labored very nicely. It’s so humorous. Whenever you get into this world, I’m positive you’ve skilled this in your individual means. Whenever you get into the world of the practical drugs factor, you might get so technical on like one finish after which simply miss one thing so basic.

I by no means used electrolytes as a complement most likely till like a 12 months and a half in the past. I used to be doing keto. I used to be doing all this stuff and by no means considered the advantage of that. It’s like, go determine. I’ve seen a whole lot of profit from it. However I’m interested by this already, particularly while you speak about this synergistic form of relationship that these minerals can have with each other.

Make the most of HTMA Checks to “Check Not Guess”

Then I do know that a whole lot of these electrolyte dietary supplements in the marketplace, they’re straight up one measurement matches all. I’m not going to say any manufacturers as a result of I’m not saying that the actual model is unhealthy per se. However there’s sure fashionable ones on the market which have like a thousand milligrams virtually of salt, after which comparatively low potassium and magnesium. It doesn’t account for these different issues.

What’s your tackle that? Ought to folks be utilizing these dietary supplements, or would they simply be higher off operating an HTMA after which getting what is kind of a specialised electrolyte complement? Or do you suppose these have software?

[00:12:09] Kim Heintz: I feel they do have functions. I’m an athlete and I do use electrolyte dietary supplements, particularly both earlier than exercise, after exercise, even throughout a exercise. I’ll discover some nice profit from utilizing electrolytes as a result of we’re burning up our minerals after we’re placing our physique below a stress like that. I do see worth in them.


However you realize, the configuration that you just simply shared, which had like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, yeah, that’s nice. I feel it may be useful as a lift or what have you ever, however it’s not going to unravel the issue. Once more, FDNs, we’re of the mindset that you just wish to “take a look at not guess”.

So, I do suppose all people ought to run the HTMA. Simply, minerals are so conscious of stress. If someone’s coping with issues like power points, sleep points, all types of thyroid points their minerals are concerned in each system of the physique. They make the physique work higher.

HTMA Checks: Poisonous Parts

I like to think about them as just like the spark plugs of the physique. Or typically I even speak about they’re just like the lubricant that makes the machine run higher. So, discovering out what your distinctive patterns are goes to be your greatest wager since you’re not simply attempting to guess or attempting one thing and serving to that it really works.

Identical to we talked about, ensuring that we’ve acquired all the important thing gamers in place to ensure your distinctive mineral patterns are being supported the way in which that they will goes to be your greatest wager.

[00:13:22] Detective Ev: Thanks.

Subsequent part right here on the best goes to be Poisonous Parts. It appears to be like like our normal metals right here. For these on audio, we’ve got arsenic simply above the reference vary. Mercury, truthful sufficient over the reference vary. After which aluminum throughout the reference vary.

However I additionally know that some would argue that we actually don’t wish to see sure metals. How do you interpret a bit like this while you see these particular outcomes, Kim?


[00:13:42] Kim Heintz: That’s an incredible query. Although we see this reference vary on this lab, if we see metals being pushed out by the hair, trigger this can be a take a look at that you just take a hair pattern, that’s indicative that there’s positively some motion of metals and even some widespread or current publicity to those metals.

So, particularly with arsenic being raised like that and Mercury being raised like that, to me, that might say that this individual did have a current publicity to arsenic and mercury or continues to be being uncovered to them frequently.

Cut back Exposures & Change Out Poisonous Merchandise

It turned out she was consuming a ton of sushi a number of occasions every week. So far as the arsenic is anxious, we thought that perhaps that got here from her breast implants or issues like that. She had simply had that explant surgical procedure perhaps inside a 12 months previous to us doing this take a look at.

So, despite the fact that after we see some aluminum like that, a whole lot of us get uncovered to aluminum by our cookware, deodorant has aluminum in it and issues like that. In that case, despite the fact that there’s just a bit quantity, we’re nonetheless seeing some motion within the physique, and it might probably trigger issues even in small quantities.


Lowering exposures to it, altering out the merchandise that we use and issues like that’s often a primary step. The second step is de facto to stability these minerals. Balancing minerals, these first 4 macro minerals, is the important thing to actually the whole lot. Trigger a whole lot of occasions it’ll assist gently pull a few of these out.

[00:15:00] Detective Ev: Yeah. I really feel like if the cells are getting the issues that they should work higher, you’d think about that they’d push this sort of stuff out.

It’s wonderful how many individuals don’t have a look at this both or don’t even think about it that unhealthy. There was a lady that I labored with, I’m technically nonetheless working together with her personally, she got here to me like, actually devoted individual. I imply, virtually threw me off with how a lot stuff she had already accomplished, contemplating how she felt.

I’m like, all proper, that is form of bizarre. I do know we gotta be lacking one thing right here, however you gotta dig form of deep to seek out it in these purchasers. Ultimately, we come throughout this. I’m like, has anybody run any labs with you?

Excessive Poisonous Ranges Wants Assist

She mentioned, yeah, I’ve had this hair, tissue, mineral evaluation factor accomplished. I’m like, all proper, cool. So, she sends me that one.

You realize the place that sodium is on the left aspect right here, the place it’s like actually larger than the highest finish, that’s the place her Mercury was on the opposite HTMA take a look at. I mentioned, nicely, what did they do for you? She mentioned, oh, nicely I simply needed to cease consuming like fish and this is able to detox itself over time.


I used to be like, oh my God. As a result of this was like a 12 months in the past earlier than we ran the take a look at once more. And I’m not even saying that’s not actually right as a result of she was in Costa Rica on the time. She was consuming excessive quantities of seafood proper off the pier, principally, from the place they had been fishing. I’m not saying that’s incorrect. However the concept that we’re not going to help this individual in any further means whereas they’re clearly symptomatic when their mercury is that top, was simply asinine to me.

So I mentioned, how about, let’s do that. You run the take a look at once more. Trigger I do know it’s been a 12 months. I do know that you just don’t wish to run it instantly once more, however I simply wish to see it. If the mercury’s not excessive, I’ll pay on your take a look at. And if it was excessive, then you definately simply say, good concept and we do the complement stuff collectively. She mentioned, all proper, nice.

We run the take a look at and positive sufficient, was it down decrease than final 12 months? Yeah, it was. It was nonetheless the very best mercury I’ve ever seen aside from her unique one on this take a look at. These items doesn’t simply magically go away, proper? We have to put in a deliberate effort to getting these things out.

Steadiness, Then Detox

Along with balancing the Massive 4, which goes to assist this, what are another issues that we would suggest to somebody who’s coping with larger ranges of mercury, arsenic, or no matter?

[00:16:54] Kim Heintz: Yeah, there’s particular protocols that we do. Relying on the steel, there’s sure minerals which can be actually useful to form of like have an antagonist relationship to assist slowly, gently pull that out.


We’ll additionally do binders. Zeolite spray could be very useful, however you must just be sure you’re balancing the minerals first. I see lots of people simply going straight to heavy steel detoxes or utilizing Zeolite with out balancing their minerals, and that may trigger different forms of issues and make someone really feel worse.

These are often the beginning factors from that. Then as soon as someone’s minerals are somewhat bit extra balanced, which means that their physique can deal with extra of an aggressive, if you’ll, detox of a steel, then we are able to do particular protocols for that steel, particularly if it’s nonetheless hanging within the tissues like this and it wants somewhat bit of additional help to get that out.

[00:17:39] Detective Ev: Cool. I don’t know if this is applicable straight on the HTMA, however I’ve heard that the decrease the mercury, not at all times, I feel it’s like extra of like a center floor factor, it may really be tougher to get a few of these metals out when they’re decrease as a result of the physique received’t acknowledge it as simply as when it’s tremendous excessive.

To begin with, are you aware what I’m speaking about? And assuming that you just do, is that related on the HTMA? Is it tougher to get these final ranges out than a better degree?

Shifting the Non-Embedded, Elevated Poisonous Parts Round

[00:18:01] Kim Heintz: I don’t know if it’s essentially tougher. It’s simply, in case your minerals are out of stability, it’s going to be tougher, and we don’t really wish to do an entire lot with attempting to maneuver these metals out of the physique at the moment.


You realize, while you see it elevated like this on the take a look at, it often implies that your physique is transferring the metals round they usually’re not identical to embedded within the tissues. So, when you may have extra freedom in your mineral system as a result of it’s working correctly, then you must really see these elevated and it’s simpler to go after.

Once they’re low, yeah. And particularly while you’ve acquired such imbalances within the macro mineral system like we see with this shopper. You don’t actually wish to do an entire lot of aggressive work on the metals on this time. Down the street, positively. However first precedence is at all times balancing these minerals.

[00:18:44] Detective Ev: Very attention-grabbing. Nicely, we’ll transfer on to the subsequent part in a second.

I really realized; I apologize. I ought to have requested you this query most likely at first. Why did you find yourself utilizing this lab in your apply? There’s, in fact, nothing incorrect with this. We get a bunch of further labs that we get entry to as soon as we graduate FDN. Nevertheless it’s clearly not one of many core ones taught.

Somebody has to essentially exit of their means to make use of this and be taught this. Will need to have been for an excellent motive. So, what motivates you or what have you ever seen that you just began utilizing this in your apply?

Causes Kim Loves HTMA Checks

[00:19:12] Kim Heintz: I feel there’s two core explanation why. First, my very own expertise. I suspected I had copper toxicity. Trigger I had 12 years of contraception, hormonal contraception use, and three years of a copper IUD. I used to be coping with a whole lot of copper poisonous signs.


I’d accomplished the FDN method. I felt fairly darn good, however I nonetheless was coping with some signs of copper toxicity. So I made a decision to run this take a look at and positive sufficient, I had copper toxicity. It was like that lacking piece of the puzzle for me in my very own therapeutic journey.

It’s what took me like lastly to the end line so far as like how I felt. I really like this take a look at for that motive. I’m fairly enthusiastic about copper toxicity due to my very own expertise with it. I work with a whole lot of ladies who do expertise that or have signs of it. So, I’ve discovered it to be tremendous useful in my very own apply almost about that. And it’s probably the most cost-effective practical lab that we’ve got entry to.

[00:20:00] Detective Ev: Yeah. I’ll say that.

That’s one factor that intrigued me is I’m listening to these tales and I’m listening to how efficient it may be. Simply operating this alone typically, I’m like, that is low-cost. That is actually cool if I may also help get the needle transferring for folks.

I’ll say this, I imply, I’ve been on this area for a really very long time. Grant you, sure, I used to be burning the candle form of at each ends once I ran this take a look at. However I’ll say that complement helped me so much, just like the protocol for this.

Supplementing A Busy, Annoying Life-style

And I say complement, not that we solely do this as FDNs. I imply, I already had the whole lot else dialed in and I wasn’t going to again off the work. I simply, I didn’t wish to do this personally.


So, there’s solely so many issues you are able to do at that time. If the sleep is on par, the food regimen’s good, the whole lot like that, I wanted to complement this life-style then. And it made a distinction, it actually, actually does. It’s very cool. It positively helps in bodily train as nicely.

[00:20:45] Kim Heintz: Oh, yeah. As an athlete, it’s been instrumental for me. I noticed my efficiency simply completely take it to the subsequent degree as a result of I supported my very own system.

So, you had been burning the candle at each ends and feeling that stress and that strain, supporting your minerals goes that can assist you do this efficiently and never really feel too burned out.

[00:21:03] Detective Ev: Completely.

All proper. Shifting right down to our subsequent part right here, the Further Parts. How do you have a look at one thing like this? That is one thing I’m very ignorant to, this entire part. Will we do something with this? Do you form of simply ignore it or is it case by case?

[00:21:15] Kim Heintz: It’s case by case. On this case, two of them are, in my view, are extra like dietary components.

Rubidium, which is probably the most elevated on that part, after which lithium, which is correct subsequent to it. Rubidium may be very useful for serving to an individual get the enough ranges of potassium in. This individual’s rubidium and potassium had been elevated, so we don’t actually have to fret an excessive amount of about that.

HTMA Checks: Further Parts

However within the different profile that we’re going to check out, you’ll see that each of them are very low. We might wish to help each of these trigger rubidium and potassium go up and down collectively. I at all times have a look at that.


After which lithium could be very useful for temper associated issues. Typically we’ll do like a really, you realize, 5 milligrams of lithium orate to assist if someone’s lithium ranges are low. Might be useful for detoxing as nicely. So typically relying on, once more, trying on the symptom profile of a shopper, we might do some help with lithium. I at all times have a look at these in relation to the Dietary Parts that we checked out initially.

[00:22:12] Detective Ev: Very cool.

I noticed somebody the place they undergo with what they’re advised is bipolar. I say that not as a result of I don’t consider in bipolar, I simply don’t know if I consider it for them, however that’s inappropriate. They’ve been given, in fact, excessive quantities of lithium all through the years due to this. It’s an older shopper.

So, it’s nonetheless used, proper? Nevertheless it was simply handed out at one level, like this was the go-to for it. It was simply once more, like the place that sodium was for this girl right here, it was simply off the charts. I’m like, wow, that looks as if they’re getting somewhat an excessive amount of if it’s that top however could possibly be incorrect. Who is aware of?

All proper. We’ll do that first. We’ll do Vital Ratios first. What does this imply? Do you even want this when you realize the opposite issues? Or do the ratios have a singular academic function for you because the practitioner?

HTMA Checks: Vital Ratios

[00:22:54] Kim Heintz: Ratios are most likely simply as vital or extra vital than the person minerals themselves as a result of they inform us distinctive issues about an individual’s completely different methods.

You realize, I talked in regards to the calcium/phosphorus ratio, which is the primary one that you just see there. That tells us our metabolic price – quick oxidation, gradual oxidation, et cetera. Once more, when you’re under the midline there, then you definately’re going to be thought-about a quick oxidizer. If you happen to’re above it, and I’ve seen it up as excessive as 12, even larger earlier than, 20 for someone’s calcium/phosphorous ratio. The upper the quantity, the slower your metabolism, basically. That’s one thing that we at all times need to check out.

The opposite ratios are additionally vital. The following one there that you just’re seeing on the display is your sodium/potassium ratio, we wish to see these two how they’re in relation to one another. That’s our stress/vitality ratio. We think about it one of the crucial vital ratios for someone.

When someone’s excessive, they is likely to be coping with metals, stress, irritation. They really feel irritable, indignant, snappy emotions, excessive stress emotions. Then when it’s actually low, they really feel utterly exhausted, run down, fatigue, chronically confused, poor immune system, digestion points and issues like that.


We at all times need to check out that and correlate with the individual as nicely trigger the ratio in between these minerals can be simply as vital.

[00:24:16] Detective Ev: Okay.

[00:24:17] Kim Heintz: A pair different ones there, calcium/potassium ratio, that’s our thyroid ratio. There’s a statistic that like someplace round one in eight folks offers with a thyroid subject sooner or later of their life, whether or not or not they understand it.

HTMA Checks: Analyzing Thyroid Ratio & Adrenal Ratio

Trying on the thyroid ratio could be very useful as a result of, like on this individual’s case, she had like decrease calcium. However a whole lot of occasions I see within the gradual oxidation price, like their calcium is tremendous elevated and it’s virtually blocking vitamins from entering into the cells. So, blocking thyroid hormone glucose and vitamins and issues like that.

At all times looking on the thyroid ratio is essential to have the ability to help the physique correctly.

[00:24:53] Detective Ev: What in regards to the sodium/magnesium one? I really feel like that’s most likely vital.

[00:24:57] Kim Heintz: That’s one other actually vital one. That’s our adrenal ratio. I at all times like to take a look at that as nicely.

When someone has a excessive sodium/magnesium ratio, like we see on this specific instance, a whole lot of occasions, we’re coping with elevated irritation within the physique. However in addition they might need that wired and drained feeling as a result of they’ve acquired extreme adrenal. They have a tendency to have like magnesium deficiency. That’s fairly widespread on this specific ratio when it’s elevated.

Now when it’s low, someone’s coping with persistent stress, exhaustion, decreased adrenal impact. They’re simply feeling tremendous drained. Having a tough time getting off the bed within the morning, feeling run down and exhausted all day lengthy.


Quite a lot of occasions when the sodium/magnesium ratio is low, we wish to ensure we’re first supporting sodium. Quite a lot of occasions folks make themselves really feel worse as a result of they maintain listening to magnesium, magnesium, magnesium. However in addition they want sodium to assist help these adrenals trigger the sodium actually nourishes the adrenals.

Ratios Assist Prioritize What Must Get in First

that, typically it helps us prioritize what do we have to get in first.

Quite a lot of occasions with someone with a low sodium/magnesium ratio, I is likely to be like, okay, begin your morning with a glass of water with a pinch of sea salt in it perhaps with somewhat little bit of lemon and actually begin to get their sodium ranges restored. Then we are able to begin to layer in magnesium down the street.

[00:26:12] Detective Ev: That’s such an excellent level.

I imply, how typically, in all places the magnesium factor is pushed? I do hear folks speaking about taking some salt, however it’s area of interest. It’s in our world of practical drugs. Whereas the magnesium factor is pushed to each single individual I do know, even when they don’t know something about well being.


I can’t let you know how many individuals I do know take that complement, despite the fact that they’re perhaps like a member of the family that doesn’t care about this in any respect. Proper? They drink beer each night time and but they’ll take magnesium as a result of they’ve been advised to. Very attention-grabbing.

Is that this the subsequent part right here that you just had been speaking about has distinctive markers? Trigger I really feel like once I’ve checked out these different checks, I don’t acknowledge this Poisonous Ratios factor except I’m simply actually that new that I don’t understand it.

[00:26:46] Kim Heintz: This isn’t on the opposite take a look at that you just’re aware of. However actually what this exhibits us is simply the interference of metals with a few of our core minerals. The purpose is we wish the bars on this part to be all the way in which on the high.

So, for her, we’re exhibiting that we’ve got a big interference of metals in her mineral profile. You see the primary one which’s decrease is iron and lead.

HTMA Checks: Poisonous Ratios

Iron is likely to be getting interfered with, due to lead.


Quite a lot of them are being interfered with due to mercury. Iron, selenium, zinc, and sulfur are all exhibiting some interference due to that. Once more, it simply actually stresses the truth that we have to take away exposures and we have to actually help that mineral system in order that we are able to get these markers up.

That is the primary take a look at I ran with this shopper, and I’m pleased to say that on her third take a look at, which is the latest one we ran a pair months in the past, we had been capable of get these poisonous ratios all the way in which again to the highest. So, we did do some nice enhancements together with her.

[00:27:42] Detective Ev: Superior!

Man, I’m going to have to return to eighth grade science class too. My periodic desk, you realize what I imply. I used to be good. Pay attention, I may do the potassium factor, like I bear in mind, Okay. I knew they tried to screw you up with that while you had been at school. However yeah, a few of these are getting me somewhat bit, so I should overview a few of these.

Are these Further Ratios, the distinctive markers on this take a look at? I suppose I’m nonetheless form of confused which of them had been distinctive that makes you run this take a look at over the opposite one.

[00:28:03] Kim Heintz: There’s extra metals which can be examined. There are extra dietary components which can be examined. For instance, like boron just isn’t run by Analytical Analysis, and that’s the opposite lab. Figuring out the standing of boron may be very useful as a result of it tells us if we have to help that to be able to get the magnesium ranges up, stuff like that. That’s why I prefer to run this take a look at.

HTMA Checks: Further Ratios

[00:28:22] Detective Ev: Cool. Do you have a look at this Further Ratios part, which is on the very backside or no?


[00:28:27] Kim Heintz: Typically I do, however there’s not an entire lot of rationalization almost about that.

[00:28:31] Detective Ev: Okay. All proper. Nicely thanks very a lot. And I’m so glad to know that this individual is beginning to really feel higher. That’s what it takes. I seen that you just mentioned that was a couple of months in the past and this unique take a look at was ran on Might eleventh, 2021. I feel this issues.

FDN works. What we do works, proper. However this could take a while. And I’m positive there’s many issues that provide you with a specific shopper all through a 12 months plus of working with them. However you realize, belief the method.

This individual is 43 years outdated, proper? Your physique, you must bear in mind, sadly, after your late twenties, early thirties, the physique, even when the whole lot was being accomplished completely, it’s degrading, not rising, proper? We’re combating towards time right here somewhat bit too. That must be famous.

However you possibly can heal, you will get higher. You simply gotta give the physique a while. That’s wonderful to know that issues are getting higher for her. I’m very pleased about that.

For time’s sake, we are able to skip a whole lot of the formalities on this one. That’s good as a result of we form of went over some fundamental stuff. Let’s get proper into this one. We now have a gradual oxidizer sample, 39-year-old feminine. Comparable sufficient age. And this was run in April of 2022.

HTMA Checks: Excessive Calcium/Calcium Shell

Proper from the get-go, for these on audio, we’re seeing a very completely different factor on the primary half within the dietary aspect. So, thanks a lot, Kim, for bringing on one thing, once more, wildly completely different than the opposite one. We now have tremendous excessive calcium, center vary magnesium, after which low sodium, low potassium. This can be a gradual oxidizer sample because it says, right?

[00:29:45] Kim Heintz: Yep, that’s right. That’s our typical gradual oxidizer sample.

[00:29:49] Detective Ev: Is that this what they name the calcium shell with it being so excessive?

[00:29:52] Kim Heintz: Precisely. You’re on it.

Yeah, something above like 165 on the calcium. Calcium, we wish to be round 63. This individual’s calcium is 259 for these of you who’re on audio. That’s fairly important. We’ve acquired this calcium that’s build up within the tissues.


If you happen to consider calcium, calcium is a tough substance, proper? You concentrate on just like the calcification on a water fountain or one thing, that’s laborious and also you gotta scrub actually laborious to get that off. I imply, that’s basically taking place contained in the tissues.

What that additionally means is that it’s not entering into the bone. We do see when someone’s acquired an elevated calcium profile like this that they may deal, long term, like osteoporosis, osteopenia and issues like that as nicely. Trigger once more, calcium’s simply not attending to the place it must be.

[00:30:39] Detective Ev: With this calcium shell factor, I imply clearly it simply looks as if it’s tremendous excessive calcium. I do know everybody’s completely different, however is there a typical symptom profile that one may anticipate to see with somebody who has this with the calcium shell?

Symptom Profile of Somebody with a Calcium Shell

[00:30:51] Kim Heintz: Yeah, completely. Quite a lot of occasions we’ll see like hypothyroid signs. We’ll see irritability. Fatigue is big as a result of once more, if you consider what I talked about earlier with the thyroid ratio the place calcium’s form of blocking vitamins from getting contained in the cell. The best way that I visually like to elucidate it’s like, it’s virtually just like the cell is ravenous as a result of calcium’s blocking these vitamins to get inside that cell, proper?


So, you may cope with issues like mind fog, racing ideas. Typically you cope with like kidney stones. Joint and muscle ache is fairly widespread for folks. Feeling disconnected, apathetic, anger, these really all could be signs of a calcium shell.

[00:31:28] Detective Ev: Wow. I at all times hear folks speaking about, with ketosis and fasting and stuff and even sure different issues the place when you don’t complement the electrolytes otherwise you’re dehydrated on a regular basis, it might probably result in the kidney stones. Is that correlated in any respect right here or is {that a} utterly separate causal factor for kidney stones?

[00:31:45] Kim Heintz: I feel there’s a pair completely different sort. I’m not 100% positive and I haven’t actually labored with lots of people with that, so it’s laborious for me to reply that particularly.

[00:31:52] Detective Ev: No downside in any respect. I used to be simply form of curious. I like attempting to attach this stuff if I can.

We see form of, in my view, right me if I’m incorrect, please, however a conceptually comparable factor within the different Dietary Parts on this factor exterior of the Massive 4, whereas like, all proper, sure, some are excessive, some are low.

HTMA Checks: Supporting Selenium and Molybdenum

I imply, they’re principally throughout the reference vary. And we might most likely anticipate these to turn into somewhat extra regulated as we did the Massive 4.

I’m noticing that the boron appears to be somewhat larger on this one, somewhat higher finish of the reference vary, however it’s nonetheless inside it. So, is that this a type of instances the place we’re these different dietary components and saying, all proper, cool, what we have to do right here actually is simply deal with the Massive 4, or is there one thing that you’d’ve accomplished or did do for this individual and these different ones?

[00:32:29] Kim Heintz: Yeah, we positively wish to ensure we’re supporting the Massive 4 so much. I imply, you see that potassium, it’s tremendous low. Low potassium, lots of people cope with like coronary heart palpitations, train intolerance and issues like that after we see sodium that low. Identical factor with sodium and potassium, that low.


You see her selenium is fairly low as nicely. I talked about how we see a whole lot of stuff with like, hypothyroid, hypothyroid signs after we see a calcium shell. Seeing that selenium low isn’t shocking since selenium is useful for thyroid. We do wish to help selenium on this case as a result of it’s low.

I most likely would’ve supported, I feel I supported Molybdenum somewhat bit too, since her Molybdenum was somewhat bit low. I’m how will we form of help the entire system as an entire almost about that.

[00:33:10] Detective Ev: All proper. Now that is attention-grabbing over right here, transferring to the Poisonous Parts on this one. Once more, I’m not an knowledgeable in HTMA.

Balancing Minerals Energetically Will increase Capacity of the Cells

I’ve checked out an excellent handful of them, although. Some, in fact, you see the metals will not be horrible, however they’re there. I imply, she’s virtually non-existent and I’m form of stunned by that trigger I really feel like we’re all uncovered to it.

Her Massive 4 clearly signifies that she is somebody who just isn’t doing so nice proper now, total. Does this occur typically, that these folks don’t present up for any metals? How would somebody even escape that in right this moment’s world?

[00:33:40] Kim Heintz: Yeah, and it doesn’t imply that she doesn’t have any metals. It simply implies that her physique just isn’t transferring the metals out of the physique.

[00:33:46] Detective Ev: Oh wait. I acquired a gold star for this hopefully. Is the rationale that they’re not transferring it outta the physique as a result of she is in a gradual oxidizing state proper now, so it’s form of holding onto the stuff?

Kim Heintz: Sure, precisely.

Detective Ev: All proper, good. I’ll take my gold star, please.

Kim Heintz: You bought it.

Detective Ev: All proper. So, we don’t know how poisonous she is de facto.

[00:34:01] Kim Heintz: Proper, precisely.

On this case, there’s not like an entire lot for us to do so far as eradicating exposures. I imply, there’s somewhat little bit of motion. You do see only a smidge of a line with aluminum and mercury and uranium.


However our actual main purpose right here is to assist break up that calcium and get the sodium and the potassium up so we are able to get extra in a balanced state. And a whole lot of occasions on a retest, we’ll really see extra motion of metals within the physique as a result of we’ve energetically elevated the power of the cells.

Typically Poisonous Parts Go Up, Typically They Go Down

[00:34:31] Detective Ev: That could be a excellent instance of what we do at FDN, proper?

As a result of when you simply checked out these as particular person checks, the untrained eye would simply say, nicely, you may have metals. That’s horrible. Proper? The place we all know when you’re working with the shopper, when you’re really addressing the individual and never simply treating paperwork, that’s progress in her case to be getting a few of these metals transferring.

I do know that we don’t know the place it will be, however simply so I perceive this totally, it’s truthful to say that if we adjusted the Massive 4, if we may wave a magic wand and abruptly, they had been good to go, it’s truthful to say that the uranium, mercury and aluminum, which we do see borderline, on the very least, these are going up, most likely, proper?

[00:35:09] Kim Heintz: Probably, yeah. It actually will depend on the individual.


Typically I do see them transfer up. Typically I really see them get lower down much more. It simply form of will depend on typically balancing these minerals was the important thing to transferring out any of the metals that we had been seeing.

[00:35:24] Detective Ev: Very cool.

I don’t know if that ended up being the case for her. This was in April. Do you bear in mind what occurred subsequent?

[00:35:29] Kim Heintz: We now have not but retested. That’s arising right here fairly quickly, so TBD.

[00:35:33] Detective Ev: All proper. No worries.

Subsequent is the Further Component part once more. I could possibly be incorrect. Sorry, there’s a whole lot of markers right here. I virtually really feel like this appears to be like just like the opposite one or am I off?

Evaluating HTMA Checks Outcomes

[00:35:41] Kim Heintz: It appears to be like fairly comparable. We see somewhat little bit of barium; we see some strontium. Normally, we do see strontium elevated when calcium’s excessive. That’s sometimes, particularly on a primary take a look at, that’s what we see.

Barium, there’s a little little bit of barium, so once more, that might be just like what we noticed within the different take a look at. You simply wish to reduce publicity to something the place you is likely to be getting some barium into your world.

[00:36:01] Detective Ev: Received it. I forgot it was the rubidium that was excessive. I feel what it was is that there was principally one excellent factor on both sides, and that’s what I’m complicated it with.

All proper, cool. We see in her ratios; I really feel like positively appears to be like form of comparable despite the fact that it’s a gradual oxidizer although.

[00:36:17] Kim Heintz: Yeah. I imply, we’re positively seeing the calcium/phosphorus ratio elevated. Earlier than, I feel it was like a one level one thing, and on this one it’s 14.39.


Actually fairly a gradual oxidation price as a result of once more, the calcium’s so excessive. The sodium/magnesium ratio was tremendous elevated on the final take a look at. I feel it was within the sixes, and now we’re at a 0.7, so that basically correlates with that individual. That individual, the sodium/magnesium, this individual would positively profit from prioritizing sodium over magnesium initially. After which we are able to layer in that magnesium.

[00:36:46] Detective Ev: Received it. Final however not least right here, her Poisonous Ratio factor, we wished them to be on the high of the chart as you taught me. They’re excellent. However is that this a type of instances the place it’s virtually like a non-clue as a result of we all know that that metals factor just isn’t essentially correct? Or would you continue to say that this has some validity?

Invitation for Retests & Kim’s Story

[00:37:02] Kim Heintz: I imply, there’s not a lot to do with it on this case, simply this primary take a look at round. I imply, actually the first targets of this specific take a look at are to stability these minerals and break up that calcium shell.

I feel there was sufficient there for us to get began with. Then let’s check out the Poisonous Ratios on a retest.

[00:37:20] Detective Ev: Very cool. Nicely, we’ll be excited to listen to about that retest. If you happen to’d like, please, we’ve got lots of people that hear frequently. We are able to form of see that within the stats.


If you happen to bear in mind, if you wish to, you’re greater than welcome to e-mail me and simply say, hey, that is how issues are going. I’d be pleased to have you ever pop again in. As a result of we haven’t actually gotten your story but, Kim.

It will be form of cool if we ended up doing one other episode the place perhaps there’s some perception to be gained by studying about that retest, then we may really hear your story as nicely and simply form of spend somewhat little bit of time on the retest. So, as much as you. I hope to listen to from you with that.

Now, with this all mentioned as we form of attain the top of our time, the final query in regards to the take a look at is, I’m listening to from some FDNs, and it’s lower than not. However a few of these individuals are simply operating this take a look at to begin off, they’re not operating the FDN foundationals. I don’t know. I haven’t accomplished this but. I must think about that’s not optimum, however I get why they do it. It’s cheaper. I perceive this.

HTMA Checks Dietary supplements & D.R.E.S.S.

When you’re operating these checks, in fact we’ve got the power to complement. If the individual modified nothing however simply supplemented, I assume they’d be higher off than not. However how a lot of those numbers actually transferring, like these things actually getting in the best route, how a lot of it’s primarily based on the approach to life stuff versus these particular protocols and dietary supplements that may come from the take a look at outcomes?

[00:38:33] Kim Heintz: It’s positively vital to do each as a result of minerals are very conscious of stress. So, when you’re tremendous wired and also you’re not altering your food regimen and also you’re nonetheless consuming a whole lot of processed meals, which our meals is the place we get our minerals from, and stuff like that, you might not see a whole lot of motion.

I’ve accomplished retests the place someone was identical to, nicely, I’m simply going to do the dietary supplements and I’m not going to fret about anything trigger I simply don’t have time for it. Their retest actually didn’t present a ton of change. That’s when we’ve got to have that dialog. Like, hey, not less than you didn’t get extra depleted. Proper?


The dietary supplements most likely did assist almost about that. However if you wish to get to your targets, actually specializing in the D.R.E.S.S. mannequin that we speak about right here in FDN, food regimen, relaxation, train, supplementation, and stress discount; that’s going that can assist you transfer the needle. That’s the place I see the largest outcomes.

Even when that is the one take a look at someone runs, we are able to see a whole lot of motion and get some progress if someone does decide to doing the entire life-style methods, food regimen, et cetera, too.

The place to Discover Kim Heintz

[00:39:31] Detective Ev: Very cool. All proper, nicely I feel that’ll nearly do it for right this moment.

After all, I’m going to ask the place folks can discover you. Earlier than we even do this, I feel the one query I’ll ask is like, who do you’re employed with? Now, I solely have two lab outcomes right here, however primarily based on the truth that they’re 39- and 43-year-old females, I’m guessing, is it like that earlier middle-aged girl that you just sometimes assist? What sort of individual sometimes involves you?

[00:39:51] Kim Heintz: Most of my purchasers are ladies between 30 and 50. I do work with males too. I simply primarily have ladies coming to me. I feel simply perhaps trigger that’s who I’m. However I work with people who find themselves extra, I’m 41, so it’s in the identical normal age vary as myself.

I work with lots of people who’re coping with intestine points, migraines. I had persistent migraines for 25 years, and so I get a whole lot of people who expertise persistent migraines themselves. Then additionally copper toxicity because it’s one thing that’s fairly close to and pricey to my very own private expertise as nicely.

[00:40:24] Detective Ev: All proper. The place can folks discover you in the event that they’d prefer to work with you and have their HTMA or different issues analyzed?


[00:40:29] Kim Heintz: A great way to come up with me or discover me is on Instagram. I’m actually energetic there and it’s simply my first title dot final title. So, Kim.Heintz is my IG deal with. is my web site and I do have an HTMA gross sales web page, et cetera, to learn more about the HTMA and stuff. And that’s Fairly straightforward to seek out.


[00:40:51] Detective Ev: Nicely, thanks a lot for approaching with us right this moment. I appreciated this and I really like studying about these new checks by my fellow FDNs, so thanks.

[00:40:57] Kim Heintz: Yeah, it was enjoyable geeking out with you over right here right this moment. I really like the HTMA, so thanks for having me.

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