seventh chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers in regards to the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by the distortion of the picture mirrored within the pupil. The chapter title is Pannaroopiya Indriyam.

Now we will expound the chapter on the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by the distortion of the picture mirrored within the pupil. Thus stated lord Atreya [1-2]
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Shadow picture in pupil

The doctor mustn’t deal with the affected person if any distortions are discovered within the shadow picture within the pupil of the affected person. [3]

Different varieties of shadow

The affected person is taken into account nearly as good as lifeless if there may be any distortion in any a part of the shadow of the physique attributable to moon- mild, daylight or the sunshine of a lamp and of the picture as mirrored within the water or mirror. [4]
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Distortions in shadow

Individuals having shadows that are damaged, cut up, hazy, devoid of sure organs, added with sure extra organs, not conspicuous, bifurcated, deformed and with out the top, and related different shadows, with none seen trigger, could also be thought of as moribund. [5-6]

An individual whose shadow or mirrored picture adjustments in form, measurement, color and lustre, he’s nearly as good as lifeless even when he seems to be wholesome. [7]

The time period “samsthana” stands for form. It is likely to be even or uneven. Equally measurement could also be of three varieties – medium, quick or giant. The picture mirrored in water, mirror, solar and many others. equivalent to the measurement and form of the physique of the person is called praticchaya. Pratichchaya is nothing however mirrored shadow based mostly on the color and lustre of the person. [8-9]
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Mahabhutas and shadow

The next are the distinctive options of shadows relating to every of the 5 mahabhutas.

  Mahabhuta Distinctive options of shadow
1 Akasa Clear, blue , unctuous and lustrous
2 Vayu Dry, brown, and aruna ( reddish)
3  Agni Pure crimson, good and pleasing to the eyes.
4 Jala Clear like vaidurya (cat’s eye) and excessively unctuous.
5 Prthvi Steady, unctuous, compact, clean, black and white.

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The shadow pertaining to vayu is of inferior class whereas the remaining 4 are indicative of happiness. The previous is indicative of nice calamities and miseries. [10-13]

 Varied varieties of luster

All varieties of lustre are constituted of tejas mahabhuta i.e. fireplace ingredient. They’re of seven sorts, viz, crimson, yellow, white, brown, inexperienced, pandura (pale yellow) and black. Of them these that are emanative, unctuous and dense are auspicious. Alternatively, these that are dry, soiled and skinny are inauspicious. [14-15]

 Shadow vis a vis lustre

The chaya (shadow) circumscribes the complexion of the physique whereas the prabha (lustre) illuminates the complexion. The shadow will be noticed from close by whereas the lustre illuminates from a distance. There’s nothing devoid of shadow or lustre. Sure distinctive options of the shadow and the lustre when mature point out emergence of auspicious or inauspicious leads to respect of human beings. [16-17]
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Indicators of imminent demise

  • Yellowness of the eyes, swelling within the face, temples devoid of flesh, terrifying look and excessive temperature of the physique (are the signs of imminent demise) Sufferers with such signs should not be handled. 
  • A affected person who faints time and again whereas being taken out of the mattress can not survive even for every week.
  • A affected person who suffers from illnesses attributable to a couple of dosha during which each the upward and downward tracks are stricken and whose grahani (duodenum and different elements of small gut) are deranged can not survive longer than a fortnight. [18-20]

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  • An emaciated affected person, who takes little or no meals however passes urine and stool in giant amount, shouldn’t be handled.
  • A weak affected person who takes meals which is extra in amount than his earlier meal(s) however passes urine and stool in small amount needs to be thought of as already lifeless.
  • If an individual who’s weak, thirsty and having dryness of mouth, suffers from groaning, dyspepsia and diarrhoea, then he doesn’t survive.
  • If the particular person is in need of breath and there are irregular actions in his physique, then in line with Punarvasu Atreya, he doesn’t survive.
  • If an individual, whose complexion, energy and capability of consumption of meals are diminished, develops respiratory dyspnea and will get stricken with kapha, then he doesn’t survive. [21-26]
  • If an individual who’s weak, thirsty and having dryness of mouth suffers from inflexible and upward look of the eyes and fixed throbbing of the carotid area of the neck. He doesn’t survive.
  • If an individual is having swollen cheeks from excessive fever and extreme cough, cough, colicky ache and aversion for meals, then no remedy will achieve curing him.
  • If there may be distortion of the top, tongue and face, drooping of the eyebrows and look of thorny coating over the tongue, then such an individual needs to be thought of as already lifeless.
  • If phallus will get excessively shrunken and the testicles grasp excessively unfastened or vice versa, then the particular person having such irregular indicators needs to be thought of as already lifeless.
  • If an emaciated one who has losing of muscle and who’s decreased to pores and skin and bones doesn’t take meals, his residual span of life is just not a couple of month. [27-31]
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To sum up:- a smart one who is properly versed with these numerous varieties of indicators indicative of imminent demise, is entitled to be known as Ayurvedavit ( knower of the “science of medication”). [32]
Thus ends the seventh chapter on the indicators if imminent demise as indicated by the “distortion of pictures mirrored within the pupil” of the Indriya part of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka