This straightforward, basic entire rooster brine provides you the juiciest, most scrumptious entire rooster you’ve ever tasted.

We’re utilizing this rooster brine to brine our unbelievable grilled spatchcock chicken, however be happy to apply it to our smoked whole chicken or oven roasted spatchcock chicken.

Chicken brine and a whole chicken in a pot.

Our Go-To Entire Hen Brine

Don’t let the phrases rooster brine intimidate you. It’s tremendous straightforward to make easy rooster brine for our grilled whole chicken recipe. Simply be certain you may have the best instruments and the best chicken and also you’ll be all set to go.

Why Brine a Hen?

There are 3 predominant the reason why we love brining rooster, particularly if you’re working with an entire chicken, together with:

  1. Taste: brining your rooster goes to infuse your meat with salty deliciousness. You may consider it as an intense marinade or taste bathtub.
  2. Texture: brining helps break down the toughness of your meat leaving the feel as clean as might be if you chunk into it.
  3. Moisture: the salt truly helps the rooster retain moisture, which in flip makes the feel fairly dang scrumptious.

You’ll discover that usually solely leaner cuts of meat resembling rooster, turkey or pork chops and that is due to their low fats content material. Brining really does assist your lean cuts of meat come out good and moist!

Adding water to pot.

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Dry Brine vs. Moist Brine

You’ll discover that our rooster brine recipe requires water and that’s as a result of it’s a moist brine.

A dry brine solely makes use of salt and the pure moisture from the meat as an alternative of including in further moisture from water.

Hen Brine Substances

  • Water 
  • Kosher salt 
  • Smashed garlic cloves 
  • Chopped white onion 
  • Sliced oranges
  • Sliced lemons
  • Sprigs recent thyme 
  • Entire rooster

Selecting a Entire Hen

This rooster brine recipe requires a 4 lb. entire rooster (thawed!). In case you’re utilizing a bigger chicken, keep in mind that your complete rooster must be submerged into the brine, so it’s possible you’ll must double the brine recipe to have sufficient liquid.

Salt in a pot with a whisk.

Learn how to Brine a Hen

Brining rooster is tremendous easy and 100% value the additional effort in the long run. Right here is the way to make a simple brine for an entire rooster:

  1. Fill a big pot with 9 cups of water. 
  2. Take away 1 cup of water from the pot and add it to a saucepan with the kosher salt.
  3. Warmth the 2 elements over medium warmth and whisk till the salt has dissolved, however don’t deliver to a boil. Take away from warmth after the salt has dissolved, and add the salted water again into the massive pot and whisk collectively. 
  4. Subsequent, add the garlic, onion, orange slices, lemon slices, and thyme to the pot and stir. Lastly, add the entire rooster to the pot, ensuring the rooster is totally submerged within the water. 
  5. Place the pot within the fridge for 12 hours or in a single day.
Pouring water into chicken brine.

whole chicken on platter.

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Grilled Entire Hen

After you’ve brined your rooster, it’s time to grill it! Discover ways to grill the right rooster.

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Hen Brine FAQs

Why ought to I brine a rooster?

Brining is not going to solely maintain moisture in your rooster to make it further juicy, however it’ll additionally infuse your rooster with wonderful taste and salt.

Does brining rooster make it salty?

It doesn’t! A brine’s salt content material doesn’t make the completed rooster salty — slightly, it causes the meat’s muscle fibers to interrupt down which leads to extra tender meat.

Does brining rooster make it tender?

Sure! Brining a rooster infuses it with tons of taste, and the correct quantity of salt to assist break down the meat to an ideal tenderness.


Be sure to retailer your rooster within the brine within the fridge. Holding the rooster at a constant chilled temperature within the fridge will guarantee

Chicken brine in a pot.