How to keep healthy Teeth and Gums in your 60s

How to keep healthy Teeth and Gums in your 60s

How to keep healthy Teeth and Gums in your 60s

As you grow old with age, you start facing dental problems, and there are several factors involved in this. Aging makes you more prone to oral dental problems like Tooth Decay, Cavities, etc. These dental diseases are common among people who are in their sixties. People who smoke or fail to follow a proper dental care routine develop unhealthy teeth even before they age.

This article will look at the common dental problems people develop when they age and the measures to prevent them.

 Common Dental Problems  Gum Disease

How to keep healthy Teeth and Gums in your 60s

According to a survey, it is estimated that more than 75% of people have gum disease when they age. Gum Disease is also referred to as Gingivitis, and since it is not painful, many people choose to ignore it. If you ever noticed bleeding while brushing or flossing your teeth, you have Gingivitis. Gingivitis is highly transmissible, and if it is left untreated for a long time, it can enter into its second stage, known as periodontitis. This can also lead to tooth loss, so it is recommended that you visit a dentist when you notice the signs.

 Crooked teeth/ misaligned teeth

How to keep healthy Teeth and Gums in your 60s

As the name suggests, crooked teeth refer to the condition when Teeth lose their original shape and start misaligning in your mouth. Having crooked or misaligned teeth affects your self-confidence, making your smile look bad. Going with teeth straightening is recommended to fix your crooked teeth.

 Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay refers to the condition when there is damage to your tooth’s surface or enamel. It is a significant problem among the elderly, and it happens when bacteria present in your mouth develop acids that attack your enamel. If tooth decay is not treated, it can cause pain and tooth loss.

 Bad Breath 

Bad breath is generated in your mouth, where bacteria produce gases that tend to smell like rotten eggs. These bacteria often hide in the areas you miss when you clean your teeth and on the back of your tongue. Smoking and Poor dental hygiene can also lead to problems like Bad Breath.

 How to Prevent Dental Problems  Gentle Brushing

People who follow a dental hygiene routine are more likely to stay protected from dental problems. It is recommended that you brush your teeth daily with toothpaste with fluoride.

 Keeping Dentures Clean

How to keep healthy Teeth and Gums in your 60s

People who wear dentures should clean them regularly to reduce the chance of unwanted bacteria forming on them. Removing your dentures from your mouth every four hours is essential to maintaining your overall mouth health.

Keep a flossing routine.

Using Dental Floss regularly can help you to get rid of the plague. It also helps to reduce gum disease and reduces the risks of cavities.

 Limit your sugar and beverages intake

Excess intake of Sugar and beverages harms your teeth, and hence it is recommended that you limit it, especially when you are in your sixties.

 Maintaining better oral health.

Regular dental checkups for cleaning and oral exams can help you maintain better oral health. It is recommended that you follow a dental hygiene routine given by your dentist to keep your teeth healthy.


How to keep healthy Teeth and Gums in your 60s

So these were the most common dental problems that a person has to face when he grows old with age. While the solutions listed above can help you prevent them, it is always recommended that you visit a dentist if you start noticing problems with your teeth.

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How to keep healthy Teeth and Gums in your 60s