HIV, right this moment could be simply managed by medicines and is now not a dreaded an infection that it was. Folks with HIV who’re on common ART meds lead regular and wholesome lives. Not solely this, we even have the choice of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV, merely known as as PrEP, to chase away HIV. Folks on PrEP simply have to take a capsule a day to keep away from getting contaminated with HIV. PrEP is prescribed to people who find themselves liable to getting HIV and is secure to make use of over lengthy intervals, underneath medical steering.

The seek for full treatment for HIV as additionally for vaccination for HIV remains to be on and we’re getting nearer to options. The problem is that HIV is a biologically very various virus and liable to a number of mutations. That is the principle purpose why we don’t have a vaccine as but. This genetic range of HIV reveals within the type of numerous varieties and subtypes or strains.

Kinds of HIV

HIV is principally of two types- HIV-1 and HIV-2. Out of those two, HIV-1 is essentially the most extensively prevalent throughout the globe with HIV-2 primarily present in West Africa. HIV-2 is about 55 % totally different from HIV-1 in genetic make-up. HIV-2 is comparatively slower in development and is much less prone to transmit to others.

Teams and Subtypes of HIV-1

HIV-1 has 4 teams:

  • Group M is the “Main” group liable for about 90% of all HIV-1 infections. It additional has 9 strains specifically A,B,C,D,F,G,H,J and Ok. Out of all these, Pressure B and C are essentially the most generally prevalent. Subtype B is most typical in United States whereas Subtype C is normally present in Africa and India. Additionally, these subtypes can merge or mix with one another to kind a hybrid pressure referred to as recombinant pressure. When these recombinant strains are transmitted from individual to individual, they unfold and are referred to as ‘circulating recombinant varieties’ (CRFs).
  • Group O or the “outlier” group additionally has numerous strains and variations however are very uncommon to be reported. It accounts for about 5% of infections in Central and West Africa.
  • Group N (Non-M or Non-O) could be very uncommon and has been reported in Cameroon solely.
  • Group P can also be, extraordinarily uncommon and solely 2 circumstances have been reported so removed from Cameroon.

Teams and Subtypes of HIV-2

HIV-2 has 9 teams specifically A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H primarily confined to Western Africa. The teams don’t have any additional subtypes or strains.

Superinfection or An infection with A number of Strains

If one is contaminated with two or extra strains of HIV as in case of various sources of an infection, it is called superinfection. Additionally, as HIV has the tendency to mutate, one pressure might multiply and mutate into a unique HIV pressure thus, complicating the an infection. Antiretrovirals might not work towards all strains and thus, figuring out the pressure is necessary to find out the right remedy regime for HIV. Furthermore, superinfections might shoot up the viral load (the quantity of HIV virus within the blood) significantly affecting the prognosis.