This story is about dwelling in a world run by loopy individuals with entry to highly effective expertise. That is the world we’re in. We’re in a world run by genocidal maniacs. It’s our life. It’s our problem. So what can we do? I’ll get to my private reply to this query on the finish of the article however first, let’s have a look at a paper a few new artificially created pathogen with excessive transmissibility fee and the illness mortality fee of 80%.

“Illness Morality Price of 80%”

Just lately, a preprint got here out of the paper titled, “Function of spike within the pathogenic and antigenic conduct of SARS-CoV-2 BA.1 Omicron.”

Here’s what the preprint is saying (the emphases are mine): “The just lately recognized, globally predominant SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant (BA.1) is very transmissible, even in totally vaccinated people, and causes attenuated illness in contrast with different main viral variants acknowledged to this point. The Omicron spike (S) protein, with an unusually massive variety of mutations, is taken into account the foremost driver of those phenotypes.

We generated chimeric recombinant SARS-CoV-2 encoding the S gene of Omicron within the spine of an ancestral SARS-CoV-2 isolate and in contrast this virus with the naturally circulating Omicron variant.

The Omicron S-bearing virus robustly escapes vaccine-induced humoral immunity, primarily attributable to mutations within the receptor-binding motif (RBM), but not like naturally occurring Omicron, effectively replicates in cell strains and primary-like distal lung cells.

In K18-hACE2 mice, whereas Omicron causes gentle, non-fatal an infection, the Omicron S-carrying virus inflicts extreme illness with a mortality fee of 80%. This means that whereas the vaccine escape of Omicron is outlined by mutations in S, main determinants of viral pathogenicity reside exterior of S.”

I want to quote Dr. Paul Alexander whose response says all of it: “The query is why? Is anybody policing these loopy idiots? Is that this bioweaponry?” Now, the fatality fee of the chimera was decided based mostly on the ends in “humanized mice” … however so was the approval of the bivalent boosters!

And once more, like I stated many instances earlier than, I’m far much less within the motives of the crazies than I’m within the sensible implications. Our society could be very compartmentalized, the left hand by no means is aware of what the suitable hand is doing, and a lot of individuals by no means even tried to consider the large philosophical image.

So the scientists could be excited concerning the “energy over nature,” and the scientists; sponsors could be genocidal, and every participant would possibly apply their very own fashion of being damaging to the human species — however in the long run, the actually vital query is the one which Dr. Alexander is asking: “Who’s policing these loopy idiots”?

To cite extra of Dr. Alexander, “Menachery and Baric et al. in 2015 advised us they only created the very state of affairs we confronted with COVID virus, in 2015 and they didn’t cease.

They went stir loopy raving mad in 2015 and past, inserting furin cleavage websites (a 9 amino acid genetic sequence simply in-between the junction of the S1 and S2 subunits of the spike glycoprotein) into any and each bat coronavirus and chimera they might produce, stitching collectively components of coronaviruses or entire viruses to see the ‘spillover’, zoonotic bounce from animal to human, to check how infectious and deadly they might make the spike. They did and it appears there are extra MADMEN round.”

Mad Ambition

Each time I take into consideration artificial biology, my thoughts goes again to the obnoxious article on the World Financial Discussion board titled, “From artificial life to engineering the local weather – how we’re studying to handle the Earth.”

“It is not uncommon to consider “course of” in commerce, trade, and society. A well-designed, well-managed course of is crucial for producing “merchandise” which can be fascinating throughout quite a few social and enterprise realms …

If Earth’s merchandise are the magnificent array of species that populate the Earth, along with the mountains, deserts, and oceans the place they dwell, then its processes are the foremost organic, geological, and bodily forces accountable for creating these merchandise within the first place.”

“So, what wouldn’t it imply to speak about “well-designed” and “well-managed” Earthen processes? The query is an odd one as a result of these processes … originated with out us and so they proceed to function independently of us.

Wanting the thought of some type of divine architect accountable for setting them up within the first place, any discuss of a administration or design appears solely misplaced. Gravity, photosynthesis, and genetic mutation have by no means been in our species’ wheelhouse. They’re the timeless and impartial backdrop towards which each civilization has been usual …

Regardless of the startling influence of humanity on Earth’s merchandise, the processes that form it haven’t but fallen into human fingers. Not, that’s, till now.

New applied sciences are quick arriving that can allow the administration of elementary Earth-shaping processes. Two examples of those applied sciences are local weather engineering and artificial biology.”

How is that one going?

A number of Mechanism of Hurt = “Secure and Efficient”

Here’s a thought experiment. For a very long time, Dr. Marin Pall has been screaming from the rooftops saying that the rollout of 5G was not a good suggestion in any respect and that if the rollout happens, it might trigger illness on an enormous scale.

Large scale 5G rollout has occurred, and even earlier than the vaccines rolled out — and particularly after they rolled out — many individuals acquired sick with mysterious illnesses. However as a result of there could be a couple of issue impacting our well being (what a revolutionary idea), we’re not allowed to even assume within the course of 5G with out sounding loopy.

It’s like poisoning one’s soup with arsenic whereas concurrently poisoning one’s wine with a cyanide whereas additionally making an attempt to nuke their home, after which not with the ability to determine the reason for dying as a result of, in line with consultants, arsenic, cyanide, and nukes are secure and efficient. And it’s written proper there, in black and white, in an official paper, sponsored by the traders into the businesses manufacturing arsenic, cyanide, and inexperienced nuclear weapons!

Crazies With a “Savior Advanced” or Genocidal Maniacs?

One of many primary objections from respectable individuals is that there might be corruption — even unhealthy corruption — however certainly, no evil motives, and the explanation for that’s that we reside in a “regular” world by which massive scale conspiracies don’t occur. Once I get to that a part of the dialog, I normally say, very sincerely, that I don’t care if the individuals bringing destruction to our species consider themselves as saviors or identical to killing.

In my current article known as, “What is a Conspiracy?” I argued that “it’s potential that Klaus Schwab believes his personal b*****t and thinks that the Nice Reset is sweet for our species. However does it matter? Probably, even basic serial killers observe their very own inner logic that makes them “not villains” — however none the much less they’re killing, and conspiring to take action! And, on a aspect word, there’s nothing new concerning the apply of mixing one’s “missionary obsession” with private revenue!”

The historical past of our species is proof that genocides will not be a figment of creativeness and never an abstraction — and whereas it’s normally laborious to scholastically “show” a genocide in actual time because of the proximity and the slim view of the observer, individuals within the West appear to be dying at a better fee than traditional and giving delivery at a slower fee than traditional. And it’s solely been two years of the “new regular!”

Is it a genocide within the making? It’s a case of careless poisoning of human beings? Actually, speaking about this in a scholarly method seems like a request to please be a very good woman, take a spade, and dig out a gap within the floor that will or might not be used as our personal grave. Sorry this isn’t regular. Not regular!

And relating to the chance of evil motives, in fact the world is advanced! In fact there could be many gamers with many motives! In case you are curious, please take a look at deeper dives: “The Mind of a Global Owner: Does Depopulation Make Sense?” and Betrayal and Extermination of Property Owners: A Thought Experiment.

And on the ultimate word about conspiracy theories, Igor Chudov just lately wrote a fantastic article displaying, aspect by aspect, the evolution of “loopy conspiracies.” I feel the comparisons are potent!

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bill gates funding efforts to block the sun
baseless conspiracy theories

Find out how to Deal with Too A lot “Loopy”?

It’s by no means simple. I promised to offer my private reply to dealing with an onslaught of “loopy.” My private reply is religion within the energy of the universe and praying for braveness, readability, and safety. It sounds easy but it surely takes plenty of work to depart behind the mental habits of “good, educated individuals” and return the primal feeling of how individuals felt concerning the world for perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.

If you end up right here, between the Earth and the sky, and you don’t have any thought what’s forward — however you already know that you’re a good particular person, a dignified particular person, that you’re right here for a purpose, surrounded by good power, and that you’ve got an obligation to stroll your path with dignity and self-respect, to be grateful to the upper powers for all of the joyous issues, and to not be afraid of something. That is the one manner I understand how to do it.

It’s uncooked. It’s within the second. However it’s very lovely, and we’re not alone, we’re guided and guarded, and no villain on the earth can break our spirit with out our permission. They can’t break our spirit with out our permission. I don’t give my permission. I don’t. They will’t have it.

Could the damaging ones eat one another! Could we discover the sweetest manner towards fact and therapeutic — and heal utterly! There’ll come a day, now or in a thousand years, when the merciless transhumanist crazies shall be a fantasy, a foul dream. It’ll come. And our descendants will thank us. Could we stand with braveness. Could it’s so.

Concerning the Creator

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