The vast majority of population level data means that that present magnesium consumption ranges are inadequate amongst a good portion of adults.

Again in 2018 I used to be interviewed by Global News on the topic, and it stays as related as ever at present.

Living proof, a magnesium complement at the moment sits among the many top five selling supplements on

This can be a reflection of the good deal of public curiosity round magnesium as a nutrient of concern from the general public well being perspective.

And for good motive.

Insufficient magnesium consumption could worsen or enhance one’s threat of:

  1. Sort 2 Diabetes/Insulin Resistance and associated circumstances equivalent to PCOS
  2. Excessive Blood Stress
  3. Migraine
  4. Bone/Muscle Points

From my perspective as a dietitian, the factor that actually makes magnesium distinctive is that it tends to be present in particular meals teams which are both undervalued or underappreciated however that, in my estimation, are all basic to good well being.

I clarify my stance additional within the part under.

Meals Teams Wealthy In Magnesium

The households of meals which are excessive in magnesium and are additionally extremely essential for different causes.

They embody:

  1. Leafy Greens – Reminiscent of artichoke, chard, spinach and kale.
  2. Nuts/Seeds- Reminiscent of pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, cashews and brazil nuts ( let’s throw avocado in right here too as it’s nutritionally related).
  3. Legumes* –  Reminiscent of tofu, lima beans, chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans.
  4. Entire Grains – Reminiscent of brown rice, quinoa and entire wheat pasta.
  5. Fish – A number of sorts of fish include magnesium, however I’d deal with choices like salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel resulting from their excessive Vit D & Omega-3 content material.
  6. Darkish Chocolate –  Even one sq. of darkish chocolate comprises a considerable amount of magnesium, among other benefits.

*I take into account legumes the one most under-appreciated food group, with their excessive magnesium content material a giant motive why.

What To Do Subsequent?

Let me begin by saying that magnesium isn’t, by default, a particular or tremendous nutrient.

The explanation why these meals teams are essential goes properly past their magnesium content material, however this does communicate to the broader actuality that there are merely sure households of meals that include key parts/vitamins which are roughly indispensable.

Consuming one serving from every of the listed household of meals above (among the many magnesium-rich choices listed) would roughly assure most individuals to have ample dietary magnesium intakes.

So why isn’t that taking place already?

For all kinds of causes to be truthful, not least of which is conflicting/inaccurate diet messaging out there on-line, lots of the meals in these classes are misunderstood or not correctly appreciated.

My hope is that, in appreciating their wealthy magnesium content material relative to magnesium consumption on the inhabitants stage, you’ll perceive why I really feel that method.

Actually I do know that any of my purchasers studying this at present are smiling as they’ll know I’ve nudged them on this course already.

If you happen to require just a little useful nudge your self, you know exactly who to call.

Till subsequent time,

Andy De Santis RD MPH